About Ideas Into Words


Inform. Inquire. Inspire.

Those are the results I aim for in my work.

I love words and how they work and play together, and this has been the guiding principle of my career. I seek out projects that teach me new things, satisfy my curiosity, and engage my interests in people’s stories and in the world around me.

I have extensive experience as a writer, editor and instructional designer. My expertise is in writing and editing educational, academic, technical, health and lifestyle texts, and in designing courses and training materials in varied subjects for any age level. My goal is always to compose clear, concise content.

In another life, I was an English as a second language teacher in China, Macedonia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates for 15 years. Those years gave me the ability to communicate and collaborate with people from other cultures and different linguistic backgrounds. When I create or edit content, I am conscious of clarity for multiple language levels and sensitive to the cultural implications of language choices.

If you need written materials that capture your audience and convey your message clearly, but lack the time, skills and/or confidence to create them, let’s connect to discuss how I can transform your ideas into words.

- Tracey L. Anderson